Crystal Barrow

Crunchii Launch!

It's Official...

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The past few months have consisted of early mornings and long nights. Well actually nights that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. See people tend to glorify the life of an entrepreneur and the flexibility it brings to your daily schedule. Although you make your own hours (most of the time), you have to be willing and able to adapt . . .

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July 01, 2015

YC Female Founders Conference

My Experience & Feedback

This past Saturday I attended the Female Founder’s Conference hosted by Y Combinator in San Francisco. To say that my perspective regarding entrepreneurship has forever been altered from my attendance and interaction with the attendees and speakers, is an understatement. I’ve read about Y Combinator on different blog posts and . . .

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February 24, 2015

What is Benjii?

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While in Corporate America, I worked part-time providing small business owners (SBOs) business consulting services. It was an ongoing process of learning to bridge the gap between my corporate experience and the basic needs for SBOs. When I first began working with SBOs I assumed many things. Generally speaking, I assumed that the practices . . .

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February 03, 2015

My Journey...

Learning to Love the Life I Live.

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August 8, 2014, was the day I did the inevitable, the unthinkable, what most employees in Corporate America have thought of doing at least one time. I woke up early in the AM with what felt like the weight of the world on my soldiers. I was beyond exhausted from working 14+ hour days at a job that provided me all the financial stability that . . .

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January 22, 2015